Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Night Dinner.

Friday nights are designated Mom time. Now Mom, daughter and grandson time, but, still the same routine. Yes, John is here most nights, but he has no interest in Friday Night Lights, he's just here to eat, hold babies and do a little yoga while we sit on the couch with our drinks and watch coach Taylor save the day.

For the past year or so we've gotten together to watch FNL and have a meal based around something we haven't cooked or eaten before. In the beginning we had a great time planning menu's and preparing the meal. Sometimes it was elaborate, sometimes it was quick and easy. While I was pregnant there wasn't much cooking as I was so sick. Since the boys came along there has been more pizza delivery than actual cooking, but we're going to get back on track.

Tonight was a pizza night and although I love a good pizza, I love a new special dish even more. So, the search is on for next week. I'm thinking French Chicken. Not new, but I don't think my Mom has had it before. There is nothing wrong with heavy cream in my book and the combination of lemon juice and beef bouillon (strange as it sounds) has my mouth watering.

I was not very good about posting menu's from our early dinners but there are a few posts here, here, here and here.

There were some good ones that didn't get documented that I wish had, nothing like looking back on a great meal and good time. And also, the Oreos. I need to make those Oreos again.

Because because because because BECAUSE!

I used to write.
I used to write a lot.

Now, I have a place to write. There is the baby blog and a catch all blog but I don't have a place to focus on something that I really like to talk about but haven't really written much about.

Food and cooking.
Food and cooking and restaurants.

So this will be the place for that.

I've invited my Mom and my Sisters to join me in the fun of writing about food and all that goes with it- memories and recipes and the search for that perfect plate of burnt ends. Or whatever you may be searching for.

Oh, and the TITLE of this post? I just got done watching the KU game and I have the Wizard of Oz on my mind...because of the wonderful things he does......