Thursday, January 13, 2011


I could survive on dip, I am quite certain.  Chips and dip, fancy crackers and dip, bread and dip.  I am a dip fanatic.

More often than not I like a good tortilla chip with my dip.   I like the crunch, the salt, the perfect vehicle for whatever I'm eating.  Potato chips? Meh.  I'll take some toasty corn goodness.

It's definitely dip season.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, late family Christmas with my dad's family in January.  I'll bring dip, but which one?  Is my repertoire getting old?  Have they had a better dip?  Do they not like my dip?

(I like my dip)

It's good dip!

(Do they not like my dip?)

Surely they like my dip.

And so it goes.

I think I need something new though.  Something...different, but easy and surprising and delicious.

My top 5 Dips in current rotation:
1. Neiman Marcus Dip
2. Hot Jezabel
3. Italian Pesto Cheese Dip*
4. Buffalo Chicken Dip**
5. Simple Jalapeno Salsa***

I might try to add another to the list for this weekend. 

*I go full fat on this one and serve it with buttered, baked and broiled bread ala the Pioneer Woman.
** I add chunks of celery to this.
***This is a staple- it goes on everything from tamales to eggs in our house and is so simple and light.