Sunday, March 7, 2010

Banh Mi Take 2

Today John picked up a few Banh Mi from Jasmine Deli. A simple google search had Jasmine Deli coming up over and over again as having some great pork Banh Mi, so we thought that would be a great place to start.

John had the Mock Duck- which we read review after review raving about, the boys and I had their roasted BBQ pork.

These were a little simpler than the Surdyk's Banh Mi. Shredded carrot, a spear of jalapeno, a spear of cucumber, a nice bed of BBQ pork. No aioli. Less veggies, less fillings in general. The bread was chewy not soggy, probably because of a lack of aioli. I was fairly happy with this sandwich. I could have used more veggies, but the meat was terrific. Reviews of Jasmine Deli had people raving over their BBQ pork, so I'm guessing this is one of their better meat selections. John was very happy with the mock duck- I myself am not a mock duck fan.

We got three sandwiches for the price of the one I had on Thursday. I'd say the only difference was the amount of filling and the lack of a soggy baguette. I'll take less filling and a roll that doesn't fall apart any day.

I didn't eat mine right away and I totally forgot there were jalapenos on this sandwich...the boys either didn't attempt to eat them, or they didn't mind them. Either way they didn't seem too concerned with them. Maybe that makes me a bad mom.

Next up? Saigon Deli- which is right up the street from Jasmine. I'm also going back to Jasmine for some Spring Rolls and a salad. I hear the salads really steal the show.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Banh Mi

It's no secret I am a recent convert to the lure of a good sandwich. It started with a small addiction to Jimmy John's- (#5, no tomatoes, add hot peppers) and branched out to anything hot from Surdyk's after the boys were born and we temporarily forgot how to feed ourselves from our own kitchen.

I've been quite happy with my Surdyk's mainstays these past few months- the Minneapple Melt is out of this world, the Grand Marais, Apple Orchard and Mt. Vernon aren't too shabby either.

Tonight I was introduced to yet another new sandwich, one that I see many more of in my future.

Banh Mi.

This Vietnamese sandwich is the newest offering at out favorite last minute dinner place. I wasn't super impressed by the one I ate tonight, but the components are worth delving into again and again. Since we are in Minneapolis and there is no shortage of Vietnamese eateries here I plan on searching out a truly delicious Banh Mi.

Really, what's not to like? Roasted pork, pickled carrots, pickled daikon, cucumber, jalapenos, some sort of aioli and a light spicy fish sauce brought it all together on a chewy baguette.

It wasn't LOVE at first sight, but I like-like it. I'm happy to have something to pursue since I'm not a huge fan of Pho. I mean, what kind of Minnesotan am I if I can't even profess love for the most famous of all Vietnamese dishes? Most people would say I haven't had good Pho, and they may be right. Anyway- the search is on.

*After doing some searching it sounds like part of my dislike might stem fromthe hefty pricetag attached to the sandwich I ate last night- $8.99....most local Banh Mi runs below $5, most around $2-3. We're going to sample what Jasmine Deli is peddling tomorrow. Let's hope I can have another "good" day and eat to my hearts content!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book Club?

Since I'm in the middle (well, almost middle) of another pregnancy where the things I can eat borderline on totally unhealthy (chips and Frito's Spicy Bean Dip anyone?) and really unappetizing I'm going to try and at least THINK about good food. You know, the stuff I used to spend hours reading cookbooks, magazines and websites to find.

I miss the weekends spent shopping for a meal and the hours spent preparing it, not to mention the first bites. Oh there were some doozies back in the day. When we had ample counter space and no kids. I gotta get back to that*.
But right now it's not going to happen- a moderate case of HG is making sure of that. So I'll read about it. Because I love a good book about food. And right now, that's all I got.

*I'll keep the kids though- seriously, my first thought upon seeing my son Lincoln after he was born was "I could eat this kid...I might eat this kid!" I still have days where I think I might eat my kids they are so deliciously adorable. I think all new parents turn a bit cannibal upon seeing their newborns.

Wish me luck! I've got all three books coming from Amazon and I can't remember a package I was this excited to receive.